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Introduction Palavi Agro was initiated back in the year 2007 in Goa. With astonishing response from buyers we were soon successful to takeover another unit in Karnataka for farming. Palavi Agro is located in a small village of Dhargal-Pernem in Goa. Our dedicated team of experienced workers and skilled farmers work relentlessly to ensure the quality of the produce is maintained throughout. Palavi Agro has been delivering fresh and healthy vegetables to its widely spread consumers for more than 15 years and counting.

About Founders The founders of Palavi Agro, namely, Amey Suryavanshi and Devangini Suryavanshi hold extensive experience in the field of farming. Moreover, we provide expert guidance too for the specially trained employees. Our founder Mr. Amey Suryavanshi is himself well-versed with stuff like seeds, seeding, fertilisers, agricultural equipment, machinery along with this he holds a diploma in agricultural machineries. And, our founder Mrs. Devangini Suryavanshi is Microbiology graduate with M.sc degree in Agro chemicals and pest management.

Our Produce Our team of Palavi Agro is well aware of what diversity in availability of choices means to end consumers. Keeping the same in view, we undertake growing a large variety of crops. The crops that we produce during pre-monsoon include Thai Ginger, Ragi, Lemon grass, Thai Brinjal, Rice, Sweet Potatoes. In the post-monsoon period the crops grown are Baby Corn, Lettuce and its varieties, Bok Choy, Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil. This also includes herbs like, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme etc.

How Does It Work? Our team of committed farmers grows all these varieties of crops under supervision to ensure that the promised quality is maintained. The crops are then harvested and forwarded to further units. One such key unit is one where cleaning, packing and distribution of the produce takes place. Before the end consumer tastes the produce, we ensure that the produce is healthy and safe to consume. In terms of end customers, we have a wide customer base. They include hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and many more. For the ease of households, we have come up with facilities like home delivery too.

Why us? Crops grown in an organic manner include Thai Ginger, Arbi Patta, Rice, and Ragi. And, crops grown in hydroponic manner include Mint, Green Cucumber and Yellow Cherry Tomatoes. Additionally, other vegetables that we grow happen to be residue-free ones. Our entire team ensures that one thing remains constant in every product that we deliver: that is quality. Over these years, our customers have always been satisfied with the same. As we don't simply deliver veggies, we deliver good health too. So, are you still going to scratch your heads when it comes to healthy eating? Go ahead and get in touch with us and order these fresh veggies now.